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The Professor Cover

The Professor (2018)

Free Download and Watch Online 720p/1080p Web-DL Full Movie HD

R | IMDb 7.0/10 | 1hr 30 min

Well it ain’t actually my traditional type of review, just me talking about the movie a little. I went to IMDB to rate the movie and was surprised to see it getting only a 6 then I was even more surprised to see it featured in WatchMojos “top 10 worst movies of 2019” list. This page has the professor 2018, watch online, the professor 2018 free download, full movie hd.

This isn’t the type of movie that everyone can enjoy equally and I feel the movie speaks volume if you’re suffering in life and going through stuffs as that’s exactly what this movie deals with. This movie spoke to me on a spiritual level for those same reason and I cannot help but love this and comply. Filmxy has The Professor (2018) Online Full Movie, The Professor (2018) free download HD Bluray 720p 1080p with English subtitle. Stars: Johnny Depp, Rosemarie DeWitt, Odessa Young

The story is plain and simple as this review is gonna be. I was genuinely surprised at how comedic this movie is. It is hilarious at times and equally sad and heartbreaking at others. There’s this weird balance that works out so well. The cinematography is not groundbreaking but does its job impeccably. The score works brilliantly and the whole cast gave a very adequate performance.

I’m the biggest Johnny Depp fan I know and even I have been saying how he is a shadow of his former self. He definitely gave one of his better performance of recent years but that performance was really special to me. There are a lot of actors that could’ve played the lead role but Johnny Depp here worked perfectly. For starters it really goes well with his Jack Sparrow shade and for once benefited from that. And secondly its because of his real life struggles and hardships that has really been taking a toll on him for quite a long time. It is probably the most realistic version of Johnny I’ve seen and there are parts where I swear that he didn’t feel like he was acting, as if the lead character IS Johnny Depp and going through the pain. He has always been good at hiding his real self and immerse into eccentric roles, this time he showed his real self and I love the man even more now.

Well that’s pretty much I wanted to say. I already said that this isn’t going to be one of my traditional reviews where I go in depth on the movie. I cannot give this movie more than an 8/10 due to technicality and my grading style. But rest assured this definitely had quite the impact on me. I mean its hard to remember a movie where I simultaneously broke into laughter and had a hard time holding in the tears about a person dying. Definitely watch this movie, hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did!

Stars : Johnny Depp, Rosemarie DeWitt, Odessa Young

Genre : Comedy, Drama

Country : USA

Posted on: May 19th, 2019

Posted by: shadow

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