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The Big Trip Cover

The Big Trip (2019)

Free Download and Watch Online 720p/1080p Bluray Full Movie HD

G | IMDb 5.5/10 | 1hr 24 min

The Big Trip is one of those animations that I’ve stopped watching after some minutes. The animation is so boring as I nearly fell asleep. During the first 8 and half minutes, I was trying to have some patience and watch the animation. But because it’s so boring, I stopped watching after 8 and half minutes. This page has the big trip 2019, watch online, the big trip 2019 free download, full movie hd

When I saw this animation on a website, I thought it would be interesting to watch. But I was wrong. I admit that the plot seemed to be interesting. That’s why I fell for it. But when the animation was started, I’ve found that it’s very boring and dull. Moreover, the animation seemed to be adapted from Kungfu panda animation. I mean the characters are little bit alike. Plus, the animation skill needs to be better. The way the mouths move when the characters speak isn’t the same with the words they say. Furthermore, the voice artists are a little bit bad. The voice acting needs to be improved. Also Filmxy has The Big Trip (2019) Online Full Movie, The Big Trip (2019) free download HD Bluray 720p 1080p with English subtitle. 

All in all, the animation seems to be a good one outside, but it isn’t inside. I admit that I’ve just watched the first 8 and half minutes, so, I don’t know how the end turns out. But as for me, if the beginning part is so boring, I always stop watching no matter how much the end is great. So, to conclude this review, the animation is so boring and thus, I stopped watching. If I were you, I won’t watch this animation and I will get the other ones to watch. There are a lot of great animations out there. I’m quite sure that you’d find a better one than this.

Stars : Drake Bell, Pauly Shore

Genre : Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Family

Country : Russia, USA

Posted on: January 27th, 2020

Posted by: shadow

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