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Surge Cover

Surge (2020)

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N/A | IMDb 6.2/10 | 1 hr 33 min

I saw this film at Sundance 2020. Lead gave us a thrilling performance. However, camera being handheld most of the time and especially in the more active scenes lead to an unwatchable shaky cam whenever the main character started running. Almost no wide shots the whole movie, and everything was close up. This page has surge 2020, watch online, surge 2020 free download, full movie hd


All the time people would be doing things with their hands or something like that but you couldn’t even see it and that was so annoying. I would literally stop watching during the shaky cam parts because I was getting literally nothing from it and I was scared I would get a headache. If the movie had a bit more polish or maturity with the cinematography perhaps it would have been eons more enjoyable. Filmxy has Surge (2020) Online Full Movie, Surge (2020) free download HD Bluray 720p 1080p with English subtitle. Stars: Ben Whishaw, Ellie Haddington, Chris Coghill


Well its an intersting Concept and basically the Arthouse Version of “Joker” so to say. Without a doubt an amibtious Project and it started off very well and exciting but then lost itself in trivality. The Problem is that you felt writer and director did not really know what to do once his leading characters reached the Peak and it started to be repetive and even unlogical to some Points. Ben Whishaw is great in the leading role, often even very irrating which was absolutely intetioned and fitted his characters transofrmation. The actress who played his mother also touched my heart and pulled the right strings. The rest of the cast is solid but not really too noteworthy as they appear as quickly as they disappear again. The shakey camera Thing was definitely overdone. Anyway the film is the invitation into the brain of a man who suffers from a mental breakdown and goes on an Anarchist self finding trip. I am not sure what the film tries to tell us, except that crazy People often emerge from the normal ones.

Stars : Ben Whishaw, Ellie Haddington, Chris Coghill

Genre : Thriller

Country : UK

Posted on: September 12th, 2020

Posted by: Bad Boy

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