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Shimmer Lake Cover

Shimmer Lake (2017)

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NR | IMDb 6.2/10 | 1hr 23 min

If you loved Fargo, either the movie or the brilliant TV series, you will really like this movie. The writing is sly, clever, and funny in the midst of a tale of a small town bank heist by the gang who couldn’t think straight. If the story had played out in time order, it might have been ordinary. But because the tale is told in reverse, stepping back one day at a time, the mystery builds in a way that I bet you won’t see coming. This page has shimmer lake 2017, watch online, shimmer lake 2017 free download, full movie hd.

Even so, Shimmer Lake is more about the characters and what drives them than about the storyline. Other reviewers here have complained that they couldn’t follow the story. I say: just focus on the characters and how they are toward each other to pick up clues along the way. I’m going back for a second viewing now with that in mind. Filmxy has Shimmer Lake (2017) Online Full Movie, Shimmer Lake (2017) free download HD Bluray 720p 1080p with English subtitle. Stars: Benjamin Walker, Rainn Wilson, Stephanie Sigman


A crime thriller told in reverse order, about a sheriff investigating a bank robbery involving his brother and two old high school friends. It was written and directed by first time feature filmmaker Oren Uziel (who previously wrote the horror-comedy ‘FREAKS OF NATURE’, and he also co-wrote ’22 JUMP STREET’). The movie stars Benjamin Walker, Rainn Wilson, Stephanie Sigman, Wyatt Russell, Adam Pally, Mark Rendall, John Michael Higgins, Ron Livingston and Rob Corddry. It was released by Netflix through their streaming site, and it’s gotten polarized reviews from critics (from the small number that have seen it that is, but some rave about it). I really enjoyed it too.

The story is told over the course of one week, in reverse order, starting with Friday. It’s about a bank robbery gone wrong, in a small town, being investigated by Sheriff Zeke Sikes (Walker). The robbery was carried out by Zeke’s brother Andy (Wilson), and two old high school friends of theirs, Ed Burton (Russell) and Chris Morrow (Rendall). On Friday, Andy is trying to get away with the money from the robbery, while his brother is looking for him. We see Andy’s fate, and then we learn what happened to everyone else, and everything that happened leading up to Friday, in reverse daily order.

The movie is pretty cleverly written, and acted, and it even has a pretty fun twist at the end. It seems fresh, and pretty original, but if you take away the ‘reverse order’ storytelling gimmick, it’s not really that original or memorable. Still it’s highly amusing, and always interesting to watch. It should keep most viewers guessing (until the very end) as well. It did for me, and I definitely recommend it.

Stars : Benjamin Walker, Rainn Wilson, Stephanie Sigman

Genre : Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller

Country : Canada, USA

Posted on: July 13th, 2019

Posted by: filmxy

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