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School Life Cover

School Life (2019)

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TV-MA | IMDb 6.4/10 | 1 hr 51 min

A movie about the difficult life in French suburbs’ schools. Some nice jokes, but not a “great” feel-good movie, and the story is not always very factual… However an interesting story and quite good actors. This little movie about, quote, “a ghetto school in a ghetto” is amazing. The acting and dialouge is low key and true in a way that gives a documentary feeling. I was truly touched, and this movie will stay in my thoughts for a long time. This page has school life 2019, watch online, school life 2019 free download, full movie hd


It looks somehow realistic not caricatural. I gave it 8 because while the dialogue reflects quite accurately the real-life in poor Paris suburbs, it is difficult for non-French citizens to understand and relate to the characters. Superb, hilarious, educative, fun to watch. The Best Drama Comedy, you can watch in 2019 . Filmxy has School Life (2019) Online Full Movie, School Life (2019) free download HD Bluray 720p 1080p with English subtitle. Stars: Zita Hanrot, Liam Pierron, Soufiane Guerrab


A typical portrait of how school looks like. I just can’t relate too well since I am from Asia and students here are very much different. It also got me thinking is this the real situation in the suburban schools of France? I’ve seen also a lot of American Movies but I don’t see misbehavior close to what is shown in this movie. Well, I guess, maybe this is just how liberated students in France are. Are they really? Well, as a teacher, the movie is on point on how we really come up to decisions when it’s all about giving sanctions to students. It always looks like we are having a board meeting. Honestly, I didn’t like the ending. It got me thinking, for real? the boy just stood up for himself and then tell everyone in the room about what he is and what he is not, and then ended up just like that the next school year? It leaves me hanging as to what has been the decision of the school as regards what the boy said? Did they just let it slip it off and then move on? Well, sadly, sometimes it is just what the school does.

Stars : Zita Hanrot, Liam Pierron, Soufiane Guerrab

Genre : Comedy, Drama

Country : France

Posted on: August 28th, 2020

Posted by: Bad Boy

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