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Fernando Torres: El Último Símbolo Cover

Fernando Torres: El Ultimo Simbolo (2020)

Free Download and Watch Online 720p/1080p Web-DL Full Movie HD

NR | IMDb 8.5/10 | 1 hr 47 min

Been following the developments of this cult for a long time, so I was psyched when this finally came out. Suspenseful, emotional, and jaw-dropping footage. Why do these egomaniac men insist on being taped so much!? Anyway, the editing: WOW. I feel like the low-star reviewers simply don’t get the point. This page has fernando torres: el último símbolo 2020, watch online, fernando torres: el último símbolo 2020 free download, full movie hd


The editing is done in such a way to suck you into the ideology of the group, at least that’s what I got out of it. I’ve read about the group, listened to podcasts about it, researched what was actually going down… Basically, I was totally aware of all the cult-like ideology and illegal stuff going on in the background. Filmxy has Fernando Torres: El Último Símbolo (2020) Online Full Movie, Fernando Torres: El Último Símbolo (2020) free download HD Bluray 720p 1080p with English subtitle. Stars: José Mourinho, Fernando Torres, Steven Gerrard


I KNEW this group was bad news when I began the documentary, but after the first episode I thought, “wow, the way they talk and teach seems legit. It seems like a thing that would help EVERYONE who sought them out”. AND THAT IS THE POINT! If someone who already knew the end of the story going into the documentary can think, “hmmm, I feel like I could use some of that info to help me in my own life”… then it’s absolutely logical for people who have no idea what it’s all actually about to get in as deep as they did. It’s amazing the whistle blowers were able to see the truth at all.

Stars : José Mourinho, Fernando Torres, Steven Gerrard

Genre : Documentary

Country : Spain

Posted on: September 22nd, 2020

Posted by: Bad Boy

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