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Birbal Trilogy Cover

Birbal Trilogy (2019)

Free Download and Watch Online 720p/1080p Web-DL Full Movie HD

N/A | IMDb 7.9/10 | 2h 43min

An engaging legal investigative thriller that has a fair share of comedy and an unique narrative style which is bound to impress. This page has birbal trilogy 2019, watch online, birbal trilogy 2019 free download, full movie hd.

Mahesh Das (M. G. Srinivas) is a young lawyer who is recruited by a reputed law firm and is handed the case of Vishnu (Vineeth Kumar). Eight years ago Vishnu was arrested and sentenced to jail for a murder he didn’t commit. How Mahesh with the help of his girlfriend Jahnavi (Rukmini Vasanth) and his associate Shastri (Sujay Shastry) finds justice for Vishnu and unmasks the real killer is the rest of the story. Filmxy has Birbal Trilogy (2019) Online Full Movie, Birbal Trilogy (2019) free download HD Bluray 720p 1080p with English subtitle. 

The highlight of the movie is it’s unique narrative style that focusses on the viewpoint of four characters, while not losing the element of suspense and yet very much comprehensible for any average moviegoer. The suspense and the storytelling progression is adeptly laced with comic moments that does not deter the attentiveness of the audience.

Writer-Director-Actor M. G. Srinivas does a commendable job in all the three departments. Acting wise, Vineeth Kumar will definitely catch your attention. He convincingly portrays the journey of Vishnu from an innocent boy to a shocked, panicked, broken, bitter, angry, helpless and finally into a man who has been granted hope. The cinematography by Bharath Parasuram is very good. His camera captures the hustle and bustle of Bengaluru and the rainy scenes with an expert hand. However, the editing is a big letdown as the movie feels too long and an effective edit would have enhanced the movie quality. The screenplay also should have been better adjusted.


The reason to write is that , I just watched Birbal movie and it is just mind blowing. Trust me this is one of the amazing movie of sandalwood . Immediately I completed the movie I wanted to appreciate the story and screen play so opened and imdb account just to write about this film, acting no doubt I liked the acting skills when I watched Srinivasa Kalyana . I always like to appreciate good work and here I want to for Birbal . Hope you give more and more best projects for sandalwood film industry .

Stars : Amoghavarsha, Aruna Balraj, Pruthvi Banawasi

Genre : Thriller

Country : India

Posted on: June 7th, 2020

Posted by: filmxy

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