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Beloved Beast Cover

Beloved Beast (2018)

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NR | IMDb 5.0/10 | 2hr 53 min

After surviving a terrible car accident, a young girl forced to stay with a relative in her small-town home, but while she’s out taking jobs to raise the girl she befriends an escaped mental patient who reminds her of her deceased family and tries to help each other get by in life. This page has beloved beast 2018, watch online, beloved beast 2018 free download, full movie hd.

This was a wholly enjoyable genre epic. Among the film’s brightest aspects is a wholly unique and intriguing storyline that manages to include some interesting setups throughout here. The film’s core of the daughter forging the relationship with the killer based on the mutual acceptance of each other’s conditions, where she’s completely overwhelmed about living in the situation and gets tied together with the killer due to their connection to rabbits. Filmxy has Beloved Beast (2018) Online Full Movie, Beloved Beast (2018) free download HD Bluray 720p 1080p with English subtitle. Stars: Sanae Loutsis, Jonathan Holbrook, Joy Yaholkovsky


Given what we see about their living situation, with the aunt completely unwilling to take on the role of guardian to the quiet niece as she’s not willing to disrupt her own life to take care of her, there’s an obvious need for her to connect with something which comes in the form of the serial killer who enters her life wearing the fabled mask her father wore. 


Given that situation and the flashbacks detailing not only her connection to the creature but also her fathers’ tactics to bring her up with stories and fantasies involving them, the misconception and relationship that builds here is incredibly well-detailed and fully reasonable within this universe. On top of that, the film also scores exceptionally well with its horror and stalking scenes. 


The scenes of the killer taking out the hospital staff and seeing the aftermath of the hospital escape showcase some great gore as we see what the killer is capable of. Later scenes, from him stalking the owner of the garage, the ambush on the fisherman in the woods or his triumphant rescue scene in the woods when he kills off the group that was planning on using her as an occult sacrifice, range from the stalking showcasing the more extended setups possible with his appearing to them and bringing out the tension of the maniac chasing them along or just the sudden short shock of the behemoth appearing and killing. 


Given that these scenes are done in conjunction with fine storytelling reasons as the killer is more interested in protecting the one person kind to him but not realizing he’s not supposed to kill everyone he comes across adds a special touch that’s quite enjoyable. As well, the film also manages to contain plenty of stellar technical qualities, from a trippy drug-fueled party with psychedelic camerawork and genuinely funny moments which all make this one a lot of fun at times. There are a few flaws in the film. The biggest issue is easily the most obvious as the gargantuan running time could be seen as an overwhelming obstacle to overcome. 


For sure, the film is generally worth it but the fact that this one could’ve been split into separate features or trimmed down to keep a slightly more energetic tempo as the film does stay interesting throughout but does get the running time down slightly and be a little more manageable. Some scenes run on far too long than they need to while others could’ve been trimmed down as well with the end result being cutting down the film since there’s little need to be as long as it is. 


There’s also several subplots that could’ve been cut out completely since all they do is add to the running time or add bodies to be chopped up, including the child-smuggling ring and their operations or the day-to-day exploits of the police duo investigating the escape which tends to run up the film’s length without much to warrant their inclusion. The fact that some might have an issue with the lack of attention paid to the girl being alone as often as she is without anyone coming to check on her as that seems rather odd, but otherwise there isn’t much really wrong with this one.

Stars : Sanae Loutsis, Jonathan Holbrook, Joy Yaholkovsky

Genre : Horror

Country : USA

Posted on: September 7th, 2019

Posted by: king

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